I sit in front of the computer more than 80 hours a week. Excruciating pain from my neck and shoulders down to my fingers due to constant typing. My back aches from sedentary work. I needed someone to manage and release all the tensions. I drove past this office and did a walk in. Greg listened to my concerns and provided me instant relief. I walked in with pain and came out with a peace of mind that his work was well worth the time. Pain is manageable when you find the right doctor. I am happy with the results and I am 100% confident he can do the same for you. In pain? Just visit Greg, he works on your schedule!

Trinh D.

I had my first acupuncture appointment with Greg

today. I came in with a lot of neck and shoulder pain, almost in tears and I left feeling SO MUCH BETTER!! He really took his time with me, explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. I can’t wait to come back for another treatment.

Kitty C.

I have/had really bad lower back pain from sitting at a desk and typing all day. Then that turned into even more painful upper back and neck pain that radiated to my arms. I was getting massages to see if that would help, but I didn’t feel any improvements. I decided to see an acupuncturist to see if they could alleviate the pain.

I was referred to Greg by a friend. It was easy to set up an appointment because he works later on in the evening also. The office is warm and welcoming. The front office staff greeted me by name and checked me in. Greg took me to his office and asked questions about what I was there for. It was amazing that he could feel my back (muscles, tension, knots) and tell me the type of position I sleep in, how my posture is bad, and how I sit for the majority of the day. I thought I was only going to do acupuncture but he ended up using this intense massager on my back. It reminds me of a small jack hammer. It worked my muscles out really well. Then he followed up with a 20 minute acupuncture session. I went home feeling sore in a good way. It was a fantastic experience. I’ve been back several times since and have noticed a difference.

Christine L.

Greg Maruki review.

Hello everybody, today I’d like to write a review on Dr. Greg Maruki, “Greg”. I have been visiting Greg since mid November 2018 post car accident. The accident occurred on September 21, 2018.

Due to injuries I have sustain, I had to use several ways if not eliminated at least reduce of my pains in my lower back, left knee, right shoulder, and to be able function normally just like before the accident. Yes it’s a lot. It was very painful, I could not drive a car the amount of steering driving for Uber was too much after couple of hours. The pain is still in me, but most of it is reduced to manageable pain. To avoid taking pain medications I started seek Acupuncturist. I looked up Greg on the internet. I found him in the same time while I was u Looking for new Chiropractic Facility. And here I have found Dr. Bell Clinic with all the “fixings” . Acupuncture, Massage, PRP Medical Treatment and top of the natch customer service. I have review on Yelp about Dr. Bell Clinic, you welcome to take a look.

But I got of the tracks.

Dr. Greg Maruki, is in my opinion and I see many agree with me the best Acupuncturist in the world. And I am not exaggerating. I have seen in my life many acupuncturist but Greg is by far the best.

His attention to details about your needs is over the top. His knowledge blows me away. Greg is very compassionate about his work and his patients. He treats them with the at most respect and care. Very soft spoken and excellent listener. After these few months visiting Dr. Greg Maruki, I must tell you if you have any problems that require Acupuncture Dr. Greg Maruki, is the Acupuncturist you want to see. I will be seeing Greg for a while yet post car accident till I get 100% well. And I trust Greg that he will continue to use his passion and compassion to care for me. I would not have any other way, and I know. I can trust him with my well being.
We have become respectful friends, and I hope Greg one day open his own practice, because I am still looking for electro-acupuncture and Ultrasound Treatments and that’s not available in his office as far as I know.

In conclusion, I wish Dr. Greg Maruki much success for him, his family and his newborn baby.
“May The Force be with Him”
Very a Truly Yours,
Ps: I was not paid by anyone for this review. I have been asked before that questions about my reviews. I apologize for my grammar.

Jaden V.

I had never done acupuncture before, nor any of the other treatments that go along with it.

I found Greg by driving by his office on a regular basis.

I have sever spinal stenosis and take piles of medications for it. I have constant pain, regardless of the medications, they only help a little.

I also suffer from sever anxiety disorder, and I’ve had it for 16 years.

After my FIRST treatment, there was a change in me that I simply can’t explain. Just a mere day or two later, I felt 10 years younger! I got my ENERGY back, I got my MOTIVATION back and most importantly I got RID OF CONSTANT NEGATIVE FEELINGS!!! It’s not only helped me, but helped those around me that were continually hurt by my negativity and stress-induced-anger. It’s literally GONE… I feel like myself again!

At the time of this review, I’ve had 3 treatments. I plan on seeing Greg for a long time. Not because I need to, but because I want to. The results were almost immediate, and unbelievably huge.

The better I feel, the more upset I get at myself for putting this off… If you’re considering Acupuncture, the time to hesitate is through. Greg is perfection. And if you’re reading this and concerned about “needles in my body”, don’t be. I was, hence the hesitation. ZERO pain, doesn’t feel like a needle AT ALL. It feels like a piece of cloth touched your skin – not kidding. It doesn’t feel like anything even breaks the skin, let alone a “needle feeling”.

Don’t wait – go NOW!! If you’re in pain or stressed out, Greg is the answer. That’s it.

Nick K.

I have been to a few acupuncturists over the years but I have never had one who offers more than just the standard needles. He worked on my tight muscles with a special machine he uses to help my tight low back and hip muscles. I am a runner and he has helped me much more then any other acupuncturists I have ever been to. He is professional, and I love the office and the staff!

Mark B.

Getting some percussion work done on the ol’achilles and then some acupuncture. Greg is an expert on rehab work and I highly recommend his services. He is always nice and constantly asking how I’m feeling. He is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him for body work.
Richard C.

I’ve never been to an acupuncturist before and I am afraid of needles. Dr. Maruki calmed my fears and used pressure points in my hands to help with pain in my back from a hard fall. So many times I have critical injuries due to riding a motorcycle, falling during dancing, and teaching karate. Dr. Maruki has helped me on many occasions dealing with acute pain issues and giving me freedom of movement. He’s very personable and answers all your questions and actually cares about his patients. I highly recommend him to anyone needing acupuncture or wanting to try it for the first time:)
Angel G.

Greg is an excellent acupuncturist. I had been suffering from migraines for years and finally decided to try acupuncture. After a couple of visits with Greg, I had less and less headaches and migraines. And now, hardly any! Plus, Greg has a great bedside manner. I have a fear of needles and was completely comfortable during the treatment. It is a relaxing experience in a nice environment.
Blithe C.

There are many acupuncturists out there, and you dont just goto any random ‘guy’.
We all go from a referral.
I was referred to Dr Maruki from a close friend who swore by his healing needles. He had back pain that was treated quickly and was back on his feet.

I had a shoulder issue and he was really quick in finding out the problem, explaining it to me in regular English, and then treating it quickly and professionally.

I recommend him to all my friends!

Jeff Y.

Great acupuncture provider. I have been seeing him for about a year. Greg is very knowledgeable and pleasant. I recommend all my friends and family to him.

T R.

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