Acupuncture Maximizes the Flow of Healthy Qi Energy in the Body

Acupuncture is an ancient practice. It’s been used for centuries to treat and manage a wide range of conditions and illnesses, including allergies, migraines, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and stress. One of the many benefits of acupuncture is the belief that it can direct the flow of qi energy through the body.

Qi (pronounced “chi”) is a Chinese term that is often translated as meaning “vital energy” or “life force.” It’s a fundamental concept in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). According to TCM, illnesses and disorders result from imbalances or blockages in the flow of qi through the body’s meridians, which are channels that run throughout the body.

Acupuncture and Qi

The practice of acupuncture is based on the concept of manipulating the flow of qi in the body’s meridians to restore balance and health. In acupuncture, hair-thin needles are inserted at specific points along the meridian channels. The needles stimulate and regulate the flow of qi.

Acupuncture provides other benefits. In addition to manipulating the flow of qi through the body. The needles stimulate the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles, tissues, and/or surrounding organs. They also help stimulate the immune system to increase circulation to the areas in which needles are applied, helping to promote increased healing and alleviating pain.

The Different Types of Qi

There are two basic forms of qi: congenital and acquired. Congenital qi is the qi we’re born with, inherited from our parents. Our congenital qi cannot be replenished.

The other type of qi is acquired qi. Acquired qi comes from the air we breathe and the foods we eat. Acquired qi can be stored and replenished.

Congenital and acquired qi consist of:

  • Jing (essence) is responsible for growth, development, and reproduction.
  • Yuan Qi (original qi) supports the functions of the body’s organs.
  • Gu Qi (essence of food and grain qi) is an acquired qi that comes from the food we eat.
  • Kong Qi (air qi) is another type of acquired qi, originating from the air we breathe into our lungs.
  • Wei Qi (defensive qi) helps protect the body by regulating body temperature.
  • Ying Qi (nutritive qi) nourishes the body’s organs and aids in the production of blood cells.
  • Zhen Qi (true qi) is transmitted along the body’s meridian points and provides energy to the organs.
  • Zhong Qi (gathering qi) nourishes the heart and lungs, ensuring healthy respiration and circulation.

Acupuncture in Orange, CA Restores Balance and Energy

If you’re looking for safe, effective pain management in Orange, CA, schedule an appointment at QualityAcu. Led by licensed acupuncturist Gregory G. Maruki, QualityAcu provides alternatives to drug-based treatment for the symptoms of pain. We take a holistic approach to pain management, which seeks to address the underlying causes of a patient’s pain rather than just alleviating its symptoms.

In addition to acupuncture, we offer patients cupping and percussion massage therapy to manage pain. QualityAcu is conveniently located at 2832 E. Chapman Ave.,, just East of Hwy 55. Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM. We accept most forms of insurance and always welcome new patients.

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