New Year, New You: Try Alternative Medicine

New Year, New You: Try Alternative MedicineThe New Year brings us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves –– including by taking care of our bodies. Better yet, why not try something new and out of your comfort zone? Give alternative medicine a chance and improve your health in the process. This blog post will cover the basics and tell you why Greg Maruki Acupuncture is your best option in the Los Angeles area.

What is alternative medicine?

“Alternative medicine” is a term of art referring to medicinal practices not recognized as orthodox by the medical profession. While those of us in the Western tradition might not be very familiar with the term, alternative medicine is highly popular and regarded in the rest of the world.

Alternative medicine comes in many forms, some of which we will discuss here. The most important feature of alternative medicine is its healing properties –– which don’t involve medication as we know it. Instead, alternative medicine relies on practices such as acupuncture, cupping, and percussion therapy, just to name a few. Los Angeles is a particular receptive area in the country due to the city’s longstanding focus on health and wellness –– particularly in regards to practices that are not part of the mainstream.

Benefits of alternative medicine

The benefits of alternative medicine are plenty. For one, many forms of alternative medicine tend to be more affordable than traditional medication. In addition, alternative medicine can deliver results that traditional treatments struggle to deliver.

Furthermore, alternative medicine doesn’t tend to have the same risk for dependency that is typical for some traditional methods. Alternative medicine also tends to be more straight-forward and less restricted by the red tape that accompanies the medical industry.

Types of alternative medicine

There are plenty of forms of alternative medicine –– probably more than we could list here. However, we will focus on three services offered by Greg Maruki Acupuncture, one of the most popular and reliable providers in the entire Los Angeles area.

Acupuncture: this form of alternative medicine consists of inserting tiny needles into the skin for the purposes of increasing oxygen flow. As more oxygen circulates the body, you will experience benefits that can help with all kinds of health problems, including migraines and other chronic conditions.

Cupping therapy: this type of alternative medicine is similar to acupuncture except that, instead of consisting of inserting needles into your skin, it consists of placing small, warm suction cups on your body. The benefits are also wide in scope.

Percussion therapy: last but not least, percussion therapy is a form of mechanical vibration that breaks down muscle tension and tightness at out deepest levels. It is particularly helpful for people dealing with pain and recovering from exercise, sports, work injuries, car accidents, and more.

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